Thursday, September 10, 2009

Made it to Morocco

It all started 9-7-09 I met my family and friends at Mcdonalds for breakfast and good bye
Zach and Ash took me to the airport, Jeff & Kelley & kids came too. I was 16.5 pounds over weight. I sure was not going to pay the $125 they wanted for over weight bags, we got it down to 3# although the friendly skies of United still said no..bitty.. Now on to security where I got stopped again. Me moved everything around so much I now had liquids in my bags. Finally I got to the plane and they were boarding. On to Chicago where after walking to another terminal they were boarding. No rest for the weary. 2 hour shuttle ride to Hotel as I was the last of 10 to get dropped off.. Next morning 4 hr bus ride to JFK where we had to wait another 2 hours before we could check in. It was quite funny to see 63 adults laying on their luggage. We arrive in Cassablanca 8 am the following da,. another 4 hour bus ride to Medhrea. We will have 5 days here which is a beach town on the ocean. Town very dirty. No one out everything closed up due to Ramadan. it was kinda creeky. True to myself I had to carry all my luggage down a flight of stairs where sure enough I fell!! See I don't have to play baseball to get hurt I do it quite well on my own! Hurt my little pinky and now its black and blue and I cant bend it. Boy what will happen when I get old. Had medical meetings today got our first aid kit and it has everything in it plus the kitchen sink. We also got our mosquto net so we can sleep.
Taking them to my room guess what yep I well UP the stairs. No damage this time boy oh boy!
I'm sure the next few days will get more exciting so keep reading.........


  1. Oh my goodness - I hope you are alright. Maybe we should get on the next flight to come pick you up. Actually, Collin thinks that you just need to come home so he can kiss your finger:-). We love you and hope you get to feeling better.

  2. My sister is on a fabulous adventure...wish I was going along! Off to first we thought it was going to be eastern Europe, then the big surprise....Northern Africa. I can't wait to visit her. What an opportunity to learn about a world we hear about so often in the news, to meet someone from a different culture. We all, I'm sure, will learn a lot through Jan. I love and miss you, little Skype is on now and waiting.