Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaving for the Atlas Mountains

Its final my first 9 weeks will be in the Atlas Mountains where they have 2 seasons Winter and Wind. We leave early am for a 6 hour bus ride to meet the new family. There is a Father who is retired, mother a housewife and 3 daughters 27,24, 22 I guess I always wanted a daughter now I will have 3. They have running water, electricity and they are in the middle of building an inside plumbing. So all in all it won't be so bad. There is no internet connections there so I will not have a lot of time to blog although Makenzey and I both have journals going so I will keep track of my journey.


  1. We haven't been able to connect on Skype but we have been trying everyday. We can't wait to hear from you and all of the stories you will have. 9 weeks though, that is a long time:-(. Hugs and Kisses
    Love - J,K,D,C and M

  2. Hey Grammy! I'm so glad that you are going to be keeping a blog. I will read it all the time. I'm happy that you got there safely. I love you and miss you.

    - Zofia :)

  3. Hey girl, just seeing if this will work.


  4. Guess that worked. I've never blogged before so I hadto set up a Google acct. It sounds like all is going better than expected except for the minor accidents - you're going to be black and blue all over before you know it. Send us more info when you can about your family. I saw Cori last night - she is a sweetheart. It's amazing how much bigger Rowen is then her.He's 5 mths now and trying to pull himself around on the floor. not getting very far but it's a start. Keep blogging when you can, you may want to write a book when get home about your adventures. I'll send your link to Iris and Diane. just got it from Zach and Ash. We think about you often. Take care and lots of love, Karen & Andrea

  5. Jan-when you come back to worldwide communication I'm sure you'll be a changed person. Hoping all is well and your pinky is not strangely shaped or painful or both. Can't wait to hear all you've been doing, seeing and feeling. People you've met and beleifs that have changed.
    You Go Girl!!! Chris