Friday, September 4, 2009

As I try to pack everything I want to take for two years in this one suitcase which I thought was really big I'm finding it really small. Taking a back pack and purse wow.. Getting as much Cori time as possible every morning. She is a beautiful baby girl. She is almost 6 weeks now. She is starting to see and follow people, dogs and the Evil kitty. I will have Collin and Makenzey this week end then Monday off to PST.
Being on the older side getting everything in order to leave the country for 2 years has been a challenge. I thought I would be on easy street all I have is my house payment and Zachary and Ashley will take that over. Done right! Not..It has been an interesting journey already and I'm looking forward to the next adventure. My going away party was fantastic I have wonderful friends and family. I had family from Houston, L..A. Salt Lake City, Denver and I'm sure some I forgot. I truly missed my oldest son Jason and his family who live in Portland. All in all the tears flowed, huggs and good times were had by all. Next catch plane to Chicago changing planes for Philly. Orientation then on to Morocco.. s-salamu e alaykum

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